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Originally Posted by Trix View Post
I don't know any of them.

JDS is the head coach. It doesn't matter if hes right or wrong, he has the final say. He's the boss, Lew isn't. Lew shouldn't expect JDS to conform to his standards.

Its disrespectful and arrogant for someone like Lew who isn't a very good fighter, to second guess and look down upon Junior as if he were a n00b. I'm sure JDS has his reasons for not wanting to cut using that method.

Bottom line, whatever friendship and ties Lew had with the brazilians & JDS he threw under a bus just so he could look like "someone" on tv. He backstabbed his friends for fame.

That makes him a bigger douchebag than anyone else in MMA, right now including the white supremist with swastikas tattooed on himself.
When it comes to weight cutting, JDS is a noob.
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