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changes to the BG's piss me off..... did they really need to change the GY in WSG?! WTF was the thinking behind this? makes GY camping easier and defending the FR harder.... yeah that was needed..... Strand.... yeah lets make the vehicles faster and have way more health... sure they can be slowed... but they have such a high health that a slow is just a minor inconveniance..... Cataclysm is just that... a failure of cataclysmic levels.....

i swear Blizz changed shit just to change them...... and i can tell they losing players over this... i was on a server that was called "dead" but since i returned its even worse then before, theres hardly any /2 talk and gold farming spammers are pretty much gone.... in 4 days ive had to report 2 people for spam.... i used to have to do that 10 times a day!!!!

World of Warcraft is just not the game i fell in love with.... i know its a new Dev team, since the main team has been tasked with their new MMO "Titan" set to come out in a few years... i dont see myself playing past the month i paid for....

makes me sad really....

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