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Originally Posted by UFC_OWNS View Post
well thats just annoying, i enjoyed wandy-cro cop and other fights like that in pride, i wish they would agree gsp wont even face silva who is a weight class above him. but you cant say any fight with bj penn in it is a freakshow because he holds his own against machida at heavyweight and people at lw and ww
Yea it would be cool if the best fighters moved around 2 weightclasses for superfights or just agreed to have a catchweight fight. sadly GSP doesn't want to move to middlweight or have a catchweight with Silva. The same goes for Silva with Bones etc. I think fighters have too much to lose if the lost to a fighter that was bigger than them, so they just won't do it, it's not that it isn't allowed. Or maybe Dana doesn't want it to happen, who knows.
Wandy vs Crocop was only one weightclass appart tho, but I don't think it was catchweight. But thinking of how small a HW Crocop is, it could have been if they wanted.
I wouldn't want to see fights like LW vs HW in the UFC tho.
Penn is awsome for fighting at any weight and I love him for it but I really wouldn't want to see fights like that in the UFC, I think it would hurt the sport if the big-leauge allows it.
My dream situation would be to have both the UFC and a big japanese promotion like Pride was, that could allow for some "freakshows" now and then.

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