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Originally Posted by Leed View Post
Nice, man, what are the prizes?
I haven't been playing much online poker lately since I cashed out my few cents, for the past few weeks I've been only playing live poker with some frieds.
Have you played both on FTP and PS? If so, which one do you like better? I've only played on FTP (on money), don't dig the PS design too much.
Its a fcuking Joke just had AQ again and got took out the game in about 100th place.

I raise 20K blinds are 5K 2.5K, guy calls with A4, I hit the A on the flop, all other cards are dead, no straight no flush draws on, I raise again 40K, guy with A4 moves all in, I call, he hits his fcuking 4 on the turn, god dam ass raping.

I knew I should of just kept my mouth shut like I have for the last 5 hours, I curesed myself the second I had to tell you guys,

Made about $10 after all this sh1t, and there I was planing how I was going to spend $1700, dam I had a great time planned, there was going to be coke, whores and laods of good sh1t.

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