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People are saying that UFC or top organisations are not testing properly.

This is NOT the case. It is a simple case of when the commision or the people responsible of testing find a way to test for certain drugs, there are also methods to get around these tests.

Think of it like a computer and virus'. If a new virus comes out, a way to stop it usually around the corner... Then another virus is made to counter that problem, making the antivirus find another way to cure...

It's the same with drugs, you find a way to detect, then there is another way to get around it. PED's will always be one step ahead of testing. Hence you see pharmacutical industry is a multi billion $ industry, where research is ALWAYS on the go.

In other words, there are plenty of fighters getting away with PED's. It is impossible for the amount of fighters to get in the shape they are, to not have injuries that they should, and not fatigue they should.

NOT all use them though, some are truly gifted athletes, but look at the past, not that many natural atheletes should come from genes. Yes, training is alot better these days, and that athletes are improving, but I can say that many athletes in all sports take PED's.

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