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Experiment: Day 2

Hey guys, I am still going through and giving plasma once a week.

I went in around 9:30 this morning and got out around noon, went to a sports nearby to browse and picked up some mesh shorts. "it seems like I can never have enough of them"

I went to subway again and ordered a foot-long chicken breast sandwich on some Italian herb & cheese bread. I decided to get a meal with a cookie to get some sugar and they had blue powerade so I had 3 glassfuls of that during the meal.

I got home just after 1pm or so and finished watching UFC 129 and crashed in bed till about 7 and spent 15-minutes out on the bag after that I went to my old high school's track for some solo cardio work.

Tonight was a short workout due to the spike in the temperature. We have had a 2-day heatwave of 100 degrees.

400-yard sprints: 3 sets of 4 down and back sprints
lateral fist ups: 3 sets of 30 in between the sprints
3-way crunches: 3 sets of 30 left-center-right crunches
flexibility stretches: as a cool-down prior to going back to the sprints.

I am starting to enjoy the sprint-work...but I'll never get used to saying it is fun.

I talked with a friend at church who is a physical therapist and he believes I should focus on heavy cardio like I was doing tonight to make my way down to 160 pounds.

I am not sure if I can drop 16 pounds just by cardio though...I weighed in at 177 pounds this morning after eating two things of yogurt, two english muffins, and two pints of milk. I also had a mini snack of a protein bar and a pint of milk at the center.

I am working on a brutal calorie cut of 4-6 hundred calories to try to see if that twill help me on my way to a lighter weight. When I am not at the gym I am shooting for a total of 1,800 calories and today when I worked on my cardio I hit 2,100.

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