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Originally Posted by Squirrelfighter View Post
In all seriousness, this has been done to death. Maybe against a first generation one-trick-pony MMA fighter he'd have a very solid chance. However, even against the second generation cross-training MMA fighters, he'd be pwned. Its a no contest comparing him to the third generation total MMA fighhters.

Moral: Bruce Lee was probably born too early for his skills to really be showcased and looked at intelligently, but not by much. If he'd been born 10-20 years later. There's little doubt Bruce Lee would have fought at UFC 1. And maybe even won. But today, he'd be lucky to make it out of the first round.
Bruce Lee at the time was the most skilled fighter on the planet because he started doing what MMA fighters are doing now, he just did it first. With his skills at the time of his death he would get smashed in the UFC. Had MMA been going on at the time and he had the opprtunity to train in the multiple facets of the game he would've been a 135lb Anderson Silva. Bruce Lee was never a stagnant martial artist. His drive and determination to constantly become better and learn new things is shown best today in guys like GSP and Anderson. There's no way in hell that, had Bruce lived, he wouldn't have just kept getting better and better and I think it's absolutely preposterous to label it as such. I really wish people would stop looking at Bruce as just the fighter he was when he died, not the fighter he would've been had he lived. This was a guy who INVENTED a shit load of workout equipment, who worked out while filing business papers and making phone calls and who went around to other dojos and gyms trying to learn techniques. There was no one more dedicated to being a martial artist than he was and there quite possibly never will be.

Originally Posted by Tyson Fury View Post
Jesus is a very resilient dude, I admit. But surely Buddha is the most gangster. His weight and strength advantage is unmatched. Apart from maybe Ganesh. Half elephant with 4 arms? He'd kill Cain!!
Wasn't Buddah a renowned pacifist? I'd go with Shiva and Ra as best P4P in their respective genders. But idk , Jesus looks like he could rip some shit up:

He looks like he could easily cut to 185 and what with his telepathic explosion of snakes and calming of dragons I think he'd be quite the contender.
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