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Originally Posted by Squirrelfighter View Post
I'm aware of why he's special. I've read the Tao, as well as seen just about every documentary I could find.

That's why I give him the early UFCs. But he could most assuredly lose, never forget the cliche "its MMA anything can happen" remember. Who's to say he wouldn't possibly get outgrappled by Gracie (the family would likely have sent a better Gracie had they known the greatest Martial Artist of all time, at the time, was competing).

If he was a young'un when the UFC first became popular and he started becoming a total fighter as a youth, I have no doubt that Uriah Faber wouldn't be slotted to fight Dominic Cruz. But for the sake of logic lets assume he has the skills he had in 1973. Against Dominic Cruz, Uriah Faber, Jose Aldo, and Mark Hominick (referencing fighters of comparative notoriety at similar weight) he'd be lucky to survive the first round.
I get what you m ean, but no one is saying that the Bruce of his day would beat the GSP, Gracies or Anderson Silva of our time with his specific skillset that he had when he died. His skill set wasn't what made him the greatest fighter of his time, it was his philosophy on martial arts, his drive and determination that made him the greatest of all time. He was the one that started saying "Holy shit, these martial arts are completely inefficient systems that can get beat by another system designed with another strength... so why don't I make one as well rounded and powerful as possible?" That's EXACTLY what MMA is. If he had the knowledge of today's martial arts scene compounded with his drive and determination, I believe he could've been the greatest MMA fighter to have ever lived. That's the same thing many others are arguing as well, not that the Bruce Lee from the 70s would've been a UFC champ.
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