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Originally Posted by TraMaI View Post
I get what you m ean, but no one is saying that the Bruce of his day would beat the GSP, Gracies or Anderson Silva of our time with his specific skillset that he had when he died. His skill set wasn't what made him the greatest fighter of his time, it was his philosophy on martial arts, his drive and determination that made him the greatest of all time. He was the one that started saying "Holy shit, these martial arts are completely inefficient systems that can get beat by another system designed with another strength... so why don't I make one as well rounded and powerful as possible?" That's EXACTLY what MMA is. If he had the knowledge of today's martial arts scene compounded with his drive and determination, I believe he could've been the greatest MMA fighter to have ever lived. That's the same thing many others are arguing as well, not that the Bruce Lee from the 70s would've been a UFC champ.

Good post Tra! I TOTALLY agree, he was the first MMA artist star, and his passion for fighting was the big part of who he was.

And the way he was able to use every muscle in his body into each blow was also amazing... And i agree that if Bruce had the knowledge of the fighters today and how all the different styles of this world have all come together, he would of been something special...

MMA was his vision and he wanted to be this exact thing, he was brilliant i just wish he could of competed in the Philosophy and Art he first acknowledged

I believe he would of pulled things that would change MMA forever...

If only he was born 15 years later

Now everyone copy and paste what you wrote for the next Bruce Lee would be the best MMA fighter Thread

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