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Originally Posted by Toxic View Post
If Bruce Lee was half as great as the hype why on earth isn't everyone in MMA studying Jeet Kune Do. Fact is for all they hype and the pop and circumstance the truth is that Lee was just as baffled by all the mystique as everyone else in traditional martial arts at the time. His actual body of work in the style he created has not really caught on and has not changed martial arts. His physical feats and the talk of his philosophies are all just talk. Lee is not the father of mixed martial arts. Its all fine to say you wanted to be Bruce Lee as a kid but at the end of the day he made a bunch of flashy movies and conspired to trick the world into believing a bunch of bullshit. Bruce Lee didn't change the world he just tricked people into thinking he did.

The Gracies and Shamrocks did far more for the sport than Lee and would have had Lee tapping out in a matter of seconds.
I was gonna just rep you but I really felt like this was a

You basically just told all the kids Santa isn't real.

mad props: Toxic
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