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Day 2

Another Jiu-Jitsu class today, worked on sweeping out of the half guard again into the electric chair position. Then we worked on getting into the electric chair position from something called the dog fight that I didnít really understand yet. I also learned the jaws of life move for getting double underhooks, which seems like a very useful tool that Iíll have to remember. Sparring was a lot of the same, just me trying the same moves, I just learned, then not knowing whatís going on when my partner tries some submission. Kudos to the guys I train with, cause they donít mind answering stupid questions that Iíll ask in the middle of a sparring round. Iím doing my first day of personal training with an MMA guy tomorrow. Iím hoping heíll set me up on a sweet program, which Iíll share on here as soon as I get it. Still working on the diet thing, Iím reading a book, Nancy Clarkís Sports Nutrition Guidebook to set up a program for that. Just been busy having just moved back from college and reconnecting with old friends/moving back in/getting a job set up, so Iíll do my best to get that figured out ASAP.

Iím hoping that the gym Iím at will offer enough in the way of kickboxing. I may have to branch out and find another private teacher who can get me some good technique lessons on kickboxing. Then the next challenge will be finding a sparring partner. There is a straight boxing gym in town, may have to look into that.
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