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MMA class with Kajan!

Another brutal Kajan warmup, worked combos and drilled push kicks on the bag. Worked combos with partners and combos leading into takedown, then special details about following through on the takedown that I'll go over: So from a southpaw stance, we're double jabbing in, each jab you come forward on, squat down and lunge in for the take down, grabbing at the knees (not the waist that I always do) then slamming shoulder into their lower abdomen. This one was simplified with no angle turns, just drive forward exploding up, then swing their legs out and the side that you swing the legs too, that same side leg stays on foot as the other leg drops to a knee, so upon completion you should have your leg propped up, their legs cradled over top, and your shoulder jammed painfuly in their abdomen. We did three rounds sparring, did decent but could have been better, spent last round stuck in my guard. Took a few good shots and my nose was bleeding freely but doesn't seem to be damaged. More sparring tomorrow.
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