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Originally Posted by ACTAFOOL View Post
lol, thing is, who said he has to prove he is better than all the other fighters in all the other weight classes??

fighters dont have to keep shifting through weight divisions to prove how good they are, for a fighter to have a legacy and be considered one of the GOAT is to simply be the best in his divisions

this new trend of fighters having to move up to ''prove themselves'' is ridiculous, the fact that GSP is the best WW on earth should be a testament to his placement in P4P rankings, being the best WW shouldnt lower him in the rankings

the only reason ppl get pissed off that he doesnt move up is because GSP is a dumbass, he keeps saying that he thinks he could beat anderson if he put on the right weight and all that BS, if he simply said ''AS would kill me, i want to finish my career at WW'' like AS said about JBJ then there wouldnt be so many fans bitching

GSP is shooting himself in the foot by not being honest, still...i see no reason why he has to move up, the only thing that would happen is he would ruin the whole WW division by vacating the title, the whole purpose of having a dominant champ is so he passes the torch to the new breed, like what hughes did for GSP

the title means something because of GSP, him vacating it ruins the whole division

fedor was a small HW, why didnt ppl bitch about him going down to LHW to prove himself?

aldo might never move up, does that mean he wont have a legacy?

sorry, i just think these expectations are ridiculous

Like you said GSP shot himself in the foot, because he doesn't say i want to be the best WW on the planet, THEN i wouldn't say SHIT, but he wants to be the best in the world... period....

And he cant be that unless he for 1 finishes his fights... And 2 MOVE WEIGHT CLASSES...

But if he is happy with staying in a single weight class, and almost losing boring ass fights, then thats fine he can stay with his status until he loses in his position then he is a complete nobody because he lost in the only weight class he is willing to fight in...

Geez i dont even enjoy talking about this failure... I HATE seeing this much talent wasted... *puke*

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