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Originally Posted by Machida Karate View Post
No i love watching GSP jab for 25 mins! (sarcasm)

But i also agree that Tim was at least more entertaining because of his SIZE!

The dude is a monster so you think he can do something NASTY at anytime.

But the main thing about GSP that annoys me is that people have the nerves to say he is THE BEST P4P fighter...

It blows me away on how people could actually believe that when he is to F'ing scared to leave 1 weight class.... I REALLY dont understand peoples logic...

At first i thought it was just the French Canadians just trying to convince themselves after watching guys like AS and JBJ and Aldo actually KICK ASS and prove that there so much better than there opponent that they can ACTUALLY finish him....

But sadly enough theres more then just the French that believe he is...
the NERVE of people to hold opinions on subjective matters! the gall! LMAO
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