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Originally Posted by The Dark Knight View Post
Very insightful points. That said, I do kinda feel for Dos Santos and see where he was coming from. I think if the cameras weren't rolling on him, he'd be a bit more reserved about Lew stepping up, but his repuation is pretty much on the line and he is trying to lead and take charge, for better or worse. I'm not saying that JDS is trying being fake or anything, but I think a lot of people in his position would be conflicted about what to do. I do agree that it was a bit extreme letting Lew go like that though.

A little off topic but don't you guys think that JDS is an attractive bloke? I'm not gay or anything but there is something very handsome about him. Funny ears not aside.

Anyone who saw yesterday's episode with him winning the football challenge (doing the kiss-blowing and skipping as he was running back lmfao) and then chuckling and distributing all the money to brock's team and coaches, then says they DON'T have a crush on JDS, is lying.

But yeah Lew challenged Junior's authority blatantly, and repeatedly, it's ridiculous to think anything else was going to happen and JDS was very professional and upfront about the whole situation. Lew Polley seems like a total asshole and Cigano is one of the nicest guys the sport has ever seen, it blows my mind when people like Toxic find reasons to side with Polley.


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