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Originally Posted by 420atalon View Post
No offense dude but this is bull allowing Machida to enter the GP with no belt on the line. That guarantees he won't lose the belt for the next 3 or 4 events which will be likely September...(2nd event doesn't look to be until July 30th...)

Machida Karate has already been gifted his UFC belt once already when he lost to Inkdot... Imo it looks bad when you stay the champion even if you lose and takes all the credibility in owning the belt away... Just like SF is going to look like a joke when Werdum beats Overeem and doesn't win his title...

If MK really wants to enter the tournament it should be done in one of two ways.

1) He abandons his title. If you want could give him an interim title that gives him the first shot after the GP winner gets his.

2) Put his belt on the line during the tournament. If this is done I think Hixxy or I should get the first shot at him depending on our UFC 130 match as previously discussed.

Just don't get why MK should be gifted his title while the top contenders get screwed.
To bad we already had a instant rematch right after that fight to see who is the champ because we had our fight planned BEFORE i won my belt.... And i won that RM so calling that a gifted belt is as sad as your complaint.

And obviously a lot of you have extreme confidence in me because you think im going to win the whole thing hence why your Crying *tear*

This whole thing was made for a fun side thing and were doing the exact same thing as SF is doing in there GP and your bitching? When its obvious you would want to join the GP for that trophy if you were in my shoes but cry when its someone else, is also sad.

Dudeabides makes the rules and your whole (Taking the Credibility away) speech is crap, and if you dont care about the belt or the credibility then stop playing before i challenge everyone other than the baby

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