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This tournament might be fun for you and all the guys lightyears away from a title shot, but it sucks balls for the top contenders...

What are myself and Hixxy supposed to do now? Enter the grand prix and hope to win 3-4 straight matches over the next 4 months just in order to get to the same place we already are at? Avoid the GP and hope you lose early?

For a guy that has somehow managed to only really defend his UFC title once since acquiring it 7 events ago you sure do seem sure of your abilities... Too bad we can't all be gifted title rematches and fights that don't count towards the title. Taking a couple events off doesn't hurt either... You say that I don't care about the belt but that is bs, I do care about the belt and that is why I don't want it to be sidelined for up to a half a year just so you can go for a 3rd title...

During this rant I have come to think of another solution to this although I doubt you will agree as it would mean you would actually have to try and defend your title... Enter the GP. Face one GP contender per event as well as the top contender, make one set of predictions or two if you feel the need to modify them according to your competition. If you lose to the GP contender they move on and you keep your title. If you lose to the contender you stay in GP but lose your title. If you lose to both you lose your title and your position in GP.
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