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Question Reducing pain in shins from kicking?

I recently started taking Muay Thai classes and I cannot get enough of it! I purchased a 100lb heavy bag so I can practice a bit at home, but man, those leg kicks hurt!

I am about as new to practicing MMA as one could get, never was a sports guy. But even one solid kick to the heavy bag just kills my shins, so much so that one painful kick is enough to mentally block me from going all out on more kicks. I am curious what I can do to reduce the pain of these kicks.

I am not sure if it's because I am new, and similar to the muscle ache you get when first weight lifting after a long time, that you just need to power through the initial phase with constant kicks until the nerves just wear down a bit (Only been doing this for a few weeks now, and I've focused more on striking/knees/elbows due to shin pain).

So that's basically my question, not sure if this comes with the territory when practicing this or if maybe my form is off? Would one suggest very light kicks to get it going, or just going all out and taking the pain. Or if this is abnormal and it must be something to do with my form.

Again to verify, I am using a 100lb heavy bag, though I am only 150lb's on a good day, 5"10 in height. Maybe I just got a bag that's to heavy?

EDIT: Also to note, its kicking the low parts of the bag (the heavier part obviously) that tends to really hurt. Feels like I'm kicking a brick wall. When i go for higher kicks at the top, it stings a bit sure but it's not a "kicking a wall" type of pain. Maybe I should practice higher kicks? Or lower the bag so I'm kicking the softer area, and pretty much ignoring the heavier bottom? I love working on the heavy bottom when doing my striking, so it would be a shame to have to lower/raise this heavy bag depending on what type of striking I want to do.

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