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Shlemenko won a UD:

Round 1 - Cooper looks intense before they get started. Shlemenko looks serious. Cooper comes out throwing several kicks, Shlemenko catches one and trips him. Cooper is right back up though. Shlemenko lands one of his spinning back fists, and clinches up for a minute and lands several punches. Cooper's eye is messed up. Cooper throws another kick, Shlemenko catches it again and drops him. Shlemenko connects with a spinning back kick to the body. Cooper is landing leg kicks. Another spinning back kick, and a spinning back fist that rocks Cooper. Cooper comes back with a good shot to Shlemenko's face, now his eye is swollen. Shlemenko gets a takedown but Cooper tries to take Shlemenko down. He can't quite do it, though. Another exchange, then the round is over. I give it to Shlemenko 10-9.

Round 2 - Cooper shoots, can't get the TD and eats some shots for his trouble. Cooper is moving forward more, but he's taking a lot of damage in the process. Cooper will land a kick or a punch, and Shlemenko responds with combos. Cooper drops Shlemenko with a right, Shlemenko gets up and Cooper gets his back trying to take him down. Cooper is holding him on the cage, landing knees. Cooper tries a suplex but has no luck with it. He's still got hold of Shlemenko though. Again tries a suplex and can't get it. Shlemenko is just waiting for the standup. Now Shlemenko spins and is on top, he backs up to let Cooper stand. Shlemenko lands another spinning back fist. He tries another, Cooper ducks and shoots but once again can't quite get the takedown. The round ends with Shlemenko getting free and a quick exchange of shots. Close round, I'd have to say Cooper 10-9.

Round 3 - Shlemenko with another spinning back fist, and kick. He has some nice combos and is now making Cooper back up. Cooper it throwing some lazy kicks and punches. Shlemenko with yet another spinning back fist, and another. Cooper is looking tired. He shoots, can't get the takedown. Now Cooper is turning up his striking a bit. Shlemenko lands a fantastic right, then a spinning back fist again. Shlemenko with a knee that rocks Cooper, then another. Shlemenko connects again with the spinning back fist. Cooper is trying to rally but isn't hitting as hard. Most of his shots have nothing behind them, but he's definitely taking a lot of punishment. I'm amazed he's on his feet. The round ends with some heavy shots traded, both fighters are bloodied. Great fight, that round I give to Shlemenko 10-9, and the fight to him 29-28.

Alexander Shlemenko def. Brett Cooper via unanimous decision, 30-27, 30-28, 29-28

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