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Sunday first private lesson

Didn’t blog after the training class on Friday so here’s what I recollect: We did some basic striking combos, mainly a jab, cross, left hook. We did a couple circuits, but it was mostly conditioning. I feel like I need to get the basics down so I’m not practicing bad habits when I do conditioning circuits like that. So I lined up some private lessons with a pro fighter who trains at my gym. He seems very smart, straightforward and totally down to do some straight up technique at least to start with so that I have a solid base to move forward on. In the rest of the class, we learned a takedown from the clinch that involved holding the back of the neck with the left, grabbing their left wrist with the right hand, a skipping motion forward to bring the left foot in, and then sweeping the opponent’s lead foot for the takedown. Looks like a pretty useful move for a takedown from the clinch. Jiu Jitsu wise, we continued to work on sweeping out of the half guard with the electric chair (if your opponent isn’t crushing you down, but doesn’t give you his foot for the old school), old school (if he posts up and wizards but keeps his foot close enough for you to grab) and switchback plan B (if he crushes you down and doesn’t give you the foot for old school) methods. I SUCK at the old school method. I’m marginal at the electric chair, and OK at the switchback plan b.

Finally found someone to study kickboxing with, and did my first private lesson today. We went over the basics – stance first, then movement forward and back. I think I was picking this stuff up pretty quickly. We talked about “grabbing apples” out of the jab and the cross, i.e. flicking the wrist out and back into position after punching. My stance and balance seem to be pretty ok, but I need to focus a lot on the use of my hips in the cross. He calls it “sitting down.” I also need to focus on not leaning into my punches and finding the correct distance to throw punches from.

We got into some basic kicking technique, but didn’t get too far due to my retardedness with using my hips in the kicking motion. I am gonna do some shadow kicking tonight and just do that over and over again until I feel like my hips are engaged. I’m really excited to hit the gym tomorrow and do some conditioning. Gonna make use of the mirrors at my gym to check out my technique as well as a weight circuit tomorrow. Gonna try warming up with skipping rope too.

Diet is starting to shape up – it’s been hard to stabilize my diet after having moved back home just last week. I really like illmatic’s protein shake idea, think I might start using that to boost caloric intake as my workouts get more intense. I’m starting my day with cereal, protein shake. Then for lunch I’ll have something like chicken with brown rice or a couple tuna or turkey sandwiches on whole wheat. Dinner usually consists of whatever my family is having, might be something out, for instance I had Applebee’s fiesta lime chicken last night. Then I'll have a snack before bed, usually protein shake and some fruit or bread, or some eggs cooked up in the microwave real quick. I know it’s not ideal, I’m working on some recipes that will help to keep my diet more nutritional.

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