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First off I will be going through a 6-week training camp that will put me into a jiu-jitsu tournament on the 9th of July.

I talked with my instructor and I will be making a decision during the camp on if I go with a gi or no-gi for my matches.

I am not sure right now, but if I had to I'd stick with going with the "no-gi".

He was telling me about a way to get a gi for almost nothing and I'll look into it so I can have a nice sweat lodge haha!
I was a little late for practice and was forced to do 100-pushups as punishment no a large deal...but I haven't done a high rep pushup for ages and was surprised that I hit 75-before I started to tire out...the last 25 were freaking excruciating.
after that I joined a 3x 3-minute circuit drill:
1st round combos on a free-standing bag "you pick any combo you want for hand-strikes and you had to use any kick to finish"

2nd round on the mat with a 80-pound throw bag, "ground and pound mixed with you mimicking being swept and retaking the mount."

3rd round shadow work of your desire.
after we went through the conditioning we worked on 3 or 4 variations of the armbar, I cannot tell you much about them.

We worked on a beautiful sweep from being mounted in full-guard: if you sweep to the left you grab above the right elbow and forcibly pull it down and under your back after you roll to your left on your hip and bring his leg in and you grab the shin and pull it as far in as possible and roll him over.

we worked on an armbar from the side mount.
There was a key-lock submission, loved that little beauty!

from the key-lock we moved into an armbar.
did a kimura from side-control, once I got that down I enjoyed the sucker, it was awesome I was working the technique on our 290-pounder and I was tapping him out. I know he wasn't providing a lot of resistance but it felt good none-the-less.
after the kimura we learned a north-south choke, once I got the fluid-motion of the legs I was garnering huge praise from the guys.
After the north south we did some sort of arm-drag choke I guess you could call it, I don't know much about it though.
After going through the technique drilling we finally got to rolling.

We are starting from our knees now for whatever reason, I don't mind...sadly for me right now it is one of the worst positions for me to start in.

I think I put in 30 or so rolls tonight and learned from the all while being submitted.

I was doing extremely well with not letting my opponent force me into a danger-zone without putting up vicious stalling.

I was in a zone with my partner johnny, somehow he had taken full-mount and I was trying to remember how to escape through the back-door but messed up somehow by thinking to put my left hand under his ass I guess and I did get out partially but landed in a triangle choke.

From the triangle I was on my feet sprawled out I think, and I reacted before thinking and started to pick johnny up to a 90-degree angle to the mats and slammed him in, and tried a 2nd time but he snared my left leg which made it impossible.

I am finding that I have a knack for finding adrenaline shots that put extreme power into my legs.
I had a near submission on Jerry the 290 lb'r or at least I I look at it, I was pulling rubber guard if that's what you would call it. I had my right inside elbow all the way snug against his neck and was cranking with a gable-grip as hard as I possibly could crank in hopes to get some sort of choke on the giant. I have some crazy ass heavy endurance in my arms, I proved to myself once again it doesn't matter how damned long it lasts but until the opponent finds a way to break the attack on his neck I will put every ounce of my body into the kill for the submission.

I am not sure but it seemed like I had him immobile for over 45-seconds.

After the rolling we did a pushup ladder which I failed like a little bitch...on the guys decided 11 to 1 for me, I was doing perfectly fine until I hit 8...which is where my endurance for the pushup totally collapsed.

They had me trying to get the last sets on my hands and knees for a *****-up but I couldn't even get that I was so bloody shot.

I ended up doing crunches instead. Hell I'll tell them if you want it I 'll do a 25 to 1 ladder with crunches.

Throughout life there are bumps along the way some may be painful...others not...who gives a damn in the end you'll still die
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