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Haha no worries, as 'sick as it sounds' it's actually very logical. I appreciate the input, like I said I wanted to ask around rather then just assume I was doing everything A-OK

I am pretty confident I am kicking with proper form, just didn't know if kicking a 100lb heavy bag at full force with my little chicken legs on my 150lb body was a good idea. Really didn't know what size bag to get, and when checking this one out in the store I gave it a few medium power punches and it seemed to swing pretty well, so I figured that'd be a good sized bag to use.

Thanks Intermission! I've actually heard that from several users on this forum, so It couldn't hurt (no pun intended) to do that while sitting around

Again thanks for the rep buddy! Jumped me up from 1 square to a whole damn row! Skipped the foreplay and got right down to it :-P If there's anything I can do to return the courtesy just ask
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