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23 today!

Wanted to do hill sprints today. My feet have been killing me since monday and it's confirmed that it was from doing these when I put my shoes on. It hurt to walk. I didn't do my hill sprints, will tackle them again on Saturday.

Fighter's class with Kajan. Shadowboxing. Hit the bag and we alternated rounds on pads with Kajan. Got 4 rounds in with him and god knows how many on the bag. There's a specific combo that he gave me that I really like, going to work it hard. Not going to put it on here in case the anonymity of this log is compromised. Then we did wrestling stuff. Starting to get more comfortable with the idea of actually taking someone down. The emphasis today was really getting low and deep under someone. Easier said than done in my experience but I felt like I made some improvements today. The new follow through Kajan gave me for shooting from a southpaw, shoot in for a double leg, driving forwards, instead of swinging the legs to the left and dropping them as I did last time, I threw the legs to the left and lifted high with my right arm at the shoulder, like steering a big wheel to the left. Then as you drop down, gable grip at the legs, hop over to the other side and into the leg cradle. Drilled just shooting in with partners and then fighting for a takedown from that position. Brutal class and I'm feeling more and more drained lately.
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