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Surprise? Lesnar seems like a fantastic coach.

Now before I get flamed with all he does is stand around and call his fighters chicken shit, Brock seems to be making the best of his situation.

He gets a week or so to properly prepare his fighters for the task at hand. That's nowhere near enough to sharpen your responses which are supposed to be tailored to your opponent. From the start, I thought he took the proper strategy whether it sourced from ego or not to teach his fighters as much wrestling as he could. Clearly, this seems to be the deciding factor as to who gets in and out of TUF. In the last fight, it clearly helped. I don't care if Shamar was making excuses or not. Brock's fighter clearly did what was shown to him well. His fighters are listening and responding to his training.

I initially expected the incredible hulk when it came to Brock, but we are getting a remarkably likable guy. WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?
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