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Awesome night of jitsu

I made some giant leaps in tonight's session.

We started off with 4 five-minute rounds of circuit drills:
round 1: attacking an unfilled freestanding bag, hand-strike combos ending in a kick of any kind.

round 2: fight-situational shadow drill. I worked on a muy thai envisioned shadow drill with lots of 1-4 strike combos ending in a low or mid-kick, some ending with knees, I forgot to add elbows into the fray next time. Every once and awhile I dropped to the mat and worked a sweep to gnp and a few armbars.

round 3: shrimping down and back on a long mat.

round 4: ground and pound on a throw-dummy, and being swept then you regain etc...
We are focusing on starting our rolls from our knees.

I rolled with johnny for a few times to start the night.

In one of the rolls I was very very defensible against his choke attacks, I survived a very long time against him in that roll and he was apparently shocked. I was deflecting chokes with my left hand cupped around my head and both hands for a little while. I don't know all the details as how I survived so long but the instructor was extremely pleased.

I rolled with jerry our 300-pound behemoth! Jerry is a very good white belt, he is learning to control himself and become extremely methodical. He and I worked on a situation start where I was in his guard.

I didn't realize it at the time but I was being baited into going for the guard pass into his left-side half guard. I went into the pass 3 or 4 rolls and couldn't any advantage.

I had two rolls with johnny after that defensive roll that I nearly submitted him in:
1 roll I had landed somehow into a headlock that I turned into a north-south choke, I wasn't able to secure the choke fully and he put it on me.....
the other roll with him I made a full-fledged pass to his half guard and saw the armbar but I was swept before I could attempt the submission.

I had a lot of failures like usual but I am piecing things together now.

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