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Favorite documentary

What's your favorite documentary out there? Just got done watching BBC's Planet Earth series in Full HD which is the most insane production ever, highly recommended

Some of the docs that has really stuck with me:

- Baghdad ER (Really graphic, I mean like torn limbs graphic, but even more horrifying on an emotional level, follows the life on a field-hospital in Iraq)

- Grizzly Man (A truly fascinating story, really questions the sanity of people who chose to live with animals)

- Bigger, stronger, faster (A documentary about steroid use, both the positives and the negatives, really informative and eye-opening to me at least)

- The King of Kong (About a man trying to beat the world record in playing Donkey Kong, sadly this feels a little too instructed at times, which kinda ruins it. Still a fun premis)

- Metal: A Headbanger's Journey (For anyone who likes metal, and even people who dont! Explores the origins and the long, and sometimes disturbing, history of metal music)

There are alot of other movies out there, and I just listed a few off the top of my head, all worth a watch in my book

Now let's hear about your favorites ;D

- Exit Through The Gift Shop (Recent Acadamy Award winner about street-art and the birth of a movement, absolutely awesome)

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