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What! Two noteworthy workouts in as many days? What evil magic is this!?

So today I did another workout with my training partner.

This one started out with the usual padwork. Felt really solid with this one. I worked several combinations that were sort of based on a few previous combinations that I tried to cut up and strip down to make them more efficient (if that makes any sense).

They were, to the best of my memory:
jab-cross-lead hook-rear uppercut
jab-jab-cross-lead hook
jab-cross-lead uppercut-rear hook
jab-jab-cross-lead uppercut-overhand

What to me was more important that the fact that the combinations felt solid it was more that I felt solid. My straight punches didn't feel like I was reaching, my rotational punches felt like I was turning the perfect amount. All in all I feel like my boxing is actually coming along. I think one of the areas I have paid little attention to was my pure boxing, using it mostly for straight rangy punches or to set up kicks, or just to brawl instead of box. Now I'm working on changing that and (trying to) make myself a much more technically sound and versed fighter.

Beyond the padwork was takedowns and takedown defense. He's competing in Sanshou at the classic, and a funny thing about Sanshou: Its essentially MT with takedowns. So MT, but better (as applied to MMA). It began with me shooting on him. My takedowns have never been spectacular in any way. I shoot low and kind of grind through them and eventually throw my opponent enough off balanace he dumps over onto his side. However in Sanshou (Sanda) there can only be two points of contact at any time, so the shooter has to shoot without dropping to a knee (muey...hard).

I was able to make the change in my style but it felt awkward. Another problem with me is that I lack the explosiveness you need to shoot at the hips and succeed. So I need to definitely work on my powercleans, deadlift, and squats to properly emulate the takedown style of a Sanda fighter, and it would probably be a good idea to do that anyway!

After that I spent a couple minutes on my hip throws. I used to be much better at it than I am now. Mostly because my training partner knows how to defend them now, and is mad stronger than six months ago when it was easy. I worked a total of about 10(ish). And succeeded on a grand total of about 3(ish). I also worked a simple trip that entails me pretty much stepping behind his right foot with my left (or vice versa) and hooking my angle behind his, then dumping him over on that side. Doable, but definitely needs major refinement. I need to work on the explosive strength in my core, hips and legs to reduce the failure rate on most if not all of these techniques.

Diet is the same as yesterday. Today I've only eaten a protein shake as well as a chicken breast and some weirdo mini potato thingys that my training partner made. I need to eat more to maintain a high motabolism, but I also have to make sure what I eat is the right kind of foods, at the given time. So, to avoid any critical mistakes, I'll just eat when I'm hungry until I can figure something out for a better execution of the dietary side of things.

Edit: Excitement level for the Classic at over 9000! Have been looking over their recommended hotels, which ones they provide shuttle transportation from, times for events of interest (BJJ/Sanda/MT/MMA Demos, last year Couture and Maynard were there/etc). This is a really serious event with so friggin many opportunities to learn. Very excited at the prospect of going, which is pretty motivating for workouts.

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