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The Iceman v. Hendo

Who do you think would win a fight if Chuck Liddell fought Dan Henderson with both of the being in their primes?

On paper it looks like a pretty good fight

Both have great wrestling, Chuck with his sprawl vs Hendo and his takedowns.

Chuck has the better striking but Hendo has the H-Bomb.

Both have Iron Jaws, Hendo has never been KOed, and outside of the first Randy fight I can't remember anyone stopping Chuck with strikes before his rapid decline.

I would have to give Hendo the edge in cardio just because he is so accustomed to going the distance.

So how do you think a fight between these two would go?

EDIT: Sorry I forgot to mention it would be a five round fight.

I've sat through the entire Gracie Sakuraba fight... can I consider myself a hardcore MMA fan yet?

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