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Originally Posted by KryOnicle View Post
Rebecca Black should be considered ******* cheating. Ugh.

im still not getting the rage over juggalo bashing.... so your raging cuz someone likes a band/group that you do not, so you get soo mad that they get together...? its not like they making people go.... sure they may sound like a buncha idiots.. but really? that makes you rage?
A) Posted the wrong video, I was trying to post the infomercial they made for it.

B) Yes, yes it does. Seeing the state of popular music (Beiber, Radio Rock and all of that simplistic shit) makes me rage as a musician myself. I'm not saying I'm a great musician, but I have the knowledge to be able to realize how simplistic and canned 99% of music on the radio and gimmicky shit like that is. Anyone who plays an instrument instantly gains that knowledge on some level and once you hear the same beats, power chords, rhythms and harmonies in thousands of songs it gets rage inducing. I can't even listen to the radio anymore because of it.

C) When you see my second point and then realize that people making that music, because it's catchy and they have marketing machines behind them, are making hundreds of millions of dollars and people who write their own music with their own lyrics instead of buying songs from song writers get shit canned into obscurity it just pisses me off. These are people who grind out records, write all their own lyrics and all their own music from the ground up and get next to no recognition and money for it. All the while some pretty girl who got voice lessons can literally BUY a song (lyrics, music and all written by another person) and sell millions of records? Music is supposed to be an ART. Art is an expression of self, not someone canning fake feelings into repetitive harmonies and then selling it to someone who has no feelings on the subject so they can sing it like it's their own creation. It wouldn't even be THAT bad if songwriters actually got credit but they almost never, ever do. The record companies pass it off as if these people wrote those songs and they are their own feelings. **** most of the time they aren't even the feelings of the songwriter, they're just written to target a certain demographic and be as catchy as possible.

And I'll leave you guys with this. Don't knwo if this makes anyone else rage their faces off, but I had two twin sisters when I was a kid and they literally watched this movie until the tape started warping and eventually broke. This song makes me want to ******* kill things. When the black eyed peas came out with their shit remix of it (don't even get me into the Black Eyed Peas and all of their bullshit rip offs, just read this instead) I almost punched the stereo in my wife's car.

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