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ignore list seems like a good solution, I kinda like GSP, but even I can't stand that many discussion about the dude now. it's just getting old, we get it, you do hate GSP, get over it and get on with your life man, it's just not funny anymore and the more I look at it, the more I think you should look for getting some help.

it's not healthy, I can't imagine the amount of time you spend posting about the dude you claim you "hate", I mean, if you spent that much time in doing something you love, you could have been rich by now.

from now on -> ignore list

this is pretty much spam to me, if I were the admin or moderator, I'd take some action, enough of these GSP threads, MMA is not all about GSP you know?

Originally Posted by marcthegame View Post
so your saying the op has a crush on GSP and some serious issues?
exactly, I've never seen anyone, not even a FAN, talk that much about one single dude.

everyone is entitled to their opinion, this is something I can respect, but when it's basically flooding the boards with billions of variants of the same topic, it just gets old after some point.

I don't like Rashaad, but you don't see me mentioning him like 5 times in each topic I post do you? you don't see me write 10 billions topics every day about how I hate Rashaad

I don't like to watch him fight, maybe he's a good dude, doesn't seem like it to me but I never met the guy and you and I know very well that TV can be decieving, so I don't like to watch Rashaad fight, there are hundreds of other exciting fighters, events, fights and news to talk about. I don't like to watch him fight so I just don't watch him fight. there's nothing I can do about him being signed in the UFC and fighting. We can argue, with mutual respect and actual arguments, but when it gets to the point where I'd say

"I hate rashaad and anyone who disagrees is a rashaad nuthuggers" OVER and OVER again, EVERY single day, and NOT MUCH ELSE, then it's safe to assume I have an unhealthy obsession.

I think the OP does have an unhealthy obsession and I'm actually concerned to the point where I think he should get some help. Having that much hate inside is not healthy, not constructive and if you drive your life with such obsessions, it's not going to end pretty, I've seen it happen before.

And, as an MMA enthusiast, I'd pretty much like to be able to talk about the fighters, GSP included, without having him trolling every thread that relates more or less on GSP or the welterweight division or whatever he manages to relate GSP with.

I've actually paid because I wanted to support this forum and I felt good writing and reading here. but it has been a few weeks that this guys pretty much ruins it for me, it's childish, non constructive and nothing is done about it.

and as a former professional administrator (over 15.000 members, it was my daytime job for 3 years) I do believe that something should be done about it, at least some sort of warning to keep things in check.

Originally Posted by HD209458B View Post
LOL, hardcore GSP nuthuggers are just sad.
the sad thing is that you can't talk about anything else than GSP and here is a MMA forum, not a GSP forum, is there really nothing else you'd like to discuss about.

I pos rep'd you once because you actually made a thread that wasn't about GSP, but I guess it was only one of these moments.

no I'm no "nuthugger" for all I'm concerned, GSP could die tomorrow I wouldn't care that much, shit happens, i don't know the dude and I don't care, I like to watch him, amongst others, fight, but it's not THAT important to me that I have to come on here all day long, and actually SPEND time and energy to discuss about how I "hate" that or this guy (I don't even know, really)

I'm a fan of one person, and he is my son, maybe my dad and that's it. I'm a sport/mma enthusiast, there are people I enjoy watching fight and/or talk, and other that I don't, but really, it's not that big of a deal to me that I'd actually spend a significant amount of time talking about how I hate or love this or that guy, people who read my messages know my opinions about fighters so there's no need to keep rubbing it in their faces.

I like potatoes, my wife prefers rice, she's not a rice "nuthugger", we just have different TASTES as we're different persons who happen to respect each other differences.

so why can't you talk about anyone else ? why does GSP always comes up in your messages? looks like you just can't help it, therefore it's something you have not even the control over, to me, it's a weakness, not to have control over something like this, maybe a pathology, but you don't seem like you're a happy person living a good and enjoyable life. not that I care that much, but now it gets to the point where you prevent me (amongst others, I'm sure of it) to enjoy something we used to enjoy before. and this is getting annoying and old.

I'll be happy to talk MMA with you as long as you'd like to talk about something ELSE than how you "hate GSP and everyone who disagrees is wrong", people don't take these things as seriously as you, and nor should you, this is a sport and you have your right to dislike an athlete.

but if it's that much a big deal for you, why don't you just do something about it ?

ignore list, happy holidays, now let's talk MMA

just put everything in the message above

see above

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