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Originally Posted by AdRath View Post
Ya taunting someone after you strike them in the eye with open fingers must make Stockton proud.

I still would like to know what the hell Jake was thinking throwing an open handed hook at the eyes. I'd like to think it was a tragic accident but their is no reason to throw that strike. It wasn't a clinch attempt or anything of the sort.
The thing about his guard is he leaves his hands wide open, almost completely stiff. It actually looks quite rediculous (and this is coming from an admitted Shields fan).

I know I've thrown a punch and my hands haven't reacted quickly enough to close before my fist gets there and its more of a lazy finger slap. Its mostly due to muscle fatigue in the forearm. Now imagine if one kept their hands completely open.

Look at it this way. Is it A) Shields is an abysmal stand up fighter who was fatigued and threw a wild stiff punch but didn't close his fist properly, or B) This wildly innaccurate and abysmal stand up fighter managed to land with one finger along as tiny a target as GSP's eye. A is infinitely more plausible than B.

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