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Originally Posted by Squirrelfighter View Post
I was really annoyed during the fight, so much so I was jumping up and down screaming and cursing for him to shoot.

But in hindsight...Shields said in almost every pre-fight UFC hype video, "I want to stand with GSP." "I want to be able to beat GSP on the feet." And I have to give him credit for sticking to his guns and trying to do exactly what he said he wanted to do.

I think it was the dumbest f*cking strategy in the history of strategies, but I commend him for it. The "come on baby!" in round #4 was classic, my second favorite moment on that card (the Stockton mentality must be contagious).
Well he didn't really have a choice, he went for takedowns and GSP shrugged them off like there was a small child trying to grab him. He'd have gassed himself out if he tried that the whole fight.

Granted he didn't try much but with absolutely no sign of success with the attempts he did make I can see why he gave up and went for the eye poke instead

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