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Tony has nothing to do with Charlies situation. To bring it up like that is bang out of order no matter what. He probably doesn´t know about the situation, and neither does anyone on here. He shouldn´t get any slack. He ****ed up.

How Charlie goes about to get to see his kid again is his choice. He tried to get into the UFC to get a better life and failed. He is obviously contracted to see out the time on the show, so he has to even if he doesn´t want to.

We don´t know what kind of father Charlie is, but it´s a pretty known fact that most cases involving child care favors the woman. Im not saying this is the case, I don´t know, but you want to cut Tony some slack when you saw with your own eyes what he did. Still, you assume Charlie is a bad person because he is in a situation you know nothing about?
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