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Tony has nothing to do with Charlies situation. To bring it up like that is bang out of order no matter what. He probably doesnīt know about the situation, and neither does anyone on here. He shouldnīt get any slack. He ****ed up.

How Charlie goes about to get to see his kid again is his choice. He tried to get into the UFC to get a better life and failed. He is obviously contracted to see out the time on the show, so he has to even if he doesnīt want to.

We donīt know what kind of father Charlie is, but itīs a pretty known fact that most cases involving child care favors the woman. Im not saying this is the case, I donīt know, but you want to cut Tony some slack when you saw with your own eyes what he did. Still, you assume Charlie is a bad person because he is in a situation you know nothing about?
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