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Originally Posted by BobbyCooper View Post
everything we do in Math is completely useless.. we won't EVER NEED IT AGAIN IN OUR LIFETIME!!!
Originally Posted by BobbyCooper View Post
The thing with Math is.. that many, many smart asses back in the day came up with this stuff and all these terrible algorithm and Algebra because they were incredible smart and figured it out.. but people shouldn't demand the same things from regular people today.. WE don't get it!!

No, we aren't fortunate enough to have this incredible logic and see the result before we even start to calculate.. We are sorry, but we weren't born with this incredible fortunate brain-cell..

Thats why it's unfair to teach incredible difficult stuff to random people, who do not have the logic to deal with something like that.

Everything in this World is learnable and if you try hard enough you will learn it someday.

But Math is Logic! You either have it or you don't!!

Same thing with Informatics.. some people are fortunate enough to understand it easily because of their logic from birth, others are not gifted with it.

So people should stop demanding from us, that Math has to be major subject. It shouldn't be one cause not everybody is that gifted with mathematic logic!!

Same have it and some do not! Thats the real one multiply by one!
The thing is bobby... unless you intend to be a manual laborer of the lowest order or a forum moderator you do need it and you will use it.

Even a dumb ol' carpenter uses the pythagorean theorem everyday. That's after an engineer has calculated whether the soil can support what he's building and done static and moment calculations on every building component.

these two things are true my friend.

1. with the right formula you can figure out anything.

2. without mastering math to some degree, you will be a child in the world always in need of someones guidance.

My fishing buddy never finished high school. But you should see him work with charts, satellites, depthfinders and temp calculations. He catches more fish than anyone with the slowest boat in the area.

he's thinking about getting a computer.

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