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The whole house kept ganging up on Tony. Yes, he did say a really nasty thing, but the group of men there exacerbated the situation by egging Charley on ("If he said that about my kid I'd kick his ass), AND they went into Tony's room and continued to confront him about it.

Charley was really drunk. He said a very nasty thing.

The correct course of action would be to get the **** over it.

NOT, egg the offended person on, and then force more confrontations with an incredibly drunk person.

Also, kids these days are too ******* open mouthed. You got problems with your kid? Don't make it so known to a bunch of ******* strangers bro. If you do, then don't get all but hurt when a drunk asshole throws it in your face. Keep your personal stuff to yourself. And if you don't, and you got a problem with somebody throwing it against you, then take care of it in the ring like a professional. Don't cry about it and do one of those stupid school yard face offs.
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