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Originally Posted by Undisputed2011 View Post
Pretty great fights tonight considering what we've seen so far. Action packed. One ko finish from Tony and great heart displayed from Zach.

Zach and Charlie go the distance. Charlie wins UD.
Tony defeats Ryan via KO first round.

Now on to the Tony and Charlie dispute. The whole house 'celebrated' the semi finals. And with that comes alcohol. So Tony & Charlie get a little rough than confrontational. Tony than talks about Charlies kid. Saying 'Wheres your kid?'.

From what I've read on fourms is that Tonys the bad guy. I do agree to a certain extent he's the bad guy. However I'll play devils advocate. If you guys play close attention in his pre fight interview. He discusses how he never had a father and how he only grew up with his mom.

So from my understanding Tony has the experience of not having a father. This obviously triggered his childhood emotions. And I mean what kind of father is Charlie? For this guy to get his kid taken away? Probably not a good one. I mean comon. He's on a reality T.V. show lost his first fight. And says he needs to find a 'way' to get his kid back. Comon guys this guys no good.

Sorry for my rant. But I mean every ones bashing Tony b/c of what he said without looking deeper into the issue. You gotta cut the guy some slack cause he's had no father.

Lmao.. U really can turn chicken shit (situation) into a chicken salad!.. Hats off to u.

It doesnt matter what Charlie is doing wrong.. it doesnt matter if Charlie isnt taking care of his son,, It doesnt matter if he took money from Chuck because he requested him to... Thing is.. We CAN NOT judge anyone for their mistakes. Or may i say.. we SHOULD NOT.. Whatever his problems are.. thats his personal matter.. No one should poke his nose in another man's personal life.

Tony definitely crossed the line for no damn reason. And i hope he pays for it. nonetheless I am expecting a good fight between Chuck and tony next week.
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