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Originally Posted by John8204 View Post
One one hand you never talk about someone else's child unless you want to get punched in the face.

But in this case, someone had to break it to Charlie that he's a self absorbed douche who will never make it in MMA and he needs to get out and get a real job and support his kid.

Anyone else (maybe not Len) I would say Tony was in the wrong but not with Charlie. To take money from another cast member, to beg for charity is just disturbing, but combine that with the fact that he disrespected his coach and threw a bitch fit over a ******* metaphor is pathetic.

Ryan fought for his kid, you believed that. Keon seeing the hand he was dealt left the show and to likely get his job back and support his kids. Charlie went in the octagon and didn't even try, it was one of the most pathetic displays I've seen since Blake Bowman quit in 49 seconds on season 6.
Agreed. Also, If they were contractually bound why did Keon get to leave? I mean after I lost my first fight I'd ******* leave. No ******* ifs buts or ands. It's just a waste of fing time. Especially when my kid got taken away from me.
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