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Originally Posted by zkorejo View Post
Lmao.. U really can turn chicken shit (situation) into a chicken salad!.. Hats off to u.

It doesnt matter what Charlie is doing wrong.. it doesnt matter if Charlie isnt taking care of his son,, It doesnt matter if he took money from Chuck because he requested him to... Thing is.. We CAN NOT judge anyone for their mistakes. Or may i say.. we SHOULD NOT.. Whatever his problems are.. thats his personal matter.. No one should poke his nose in another man's personal life.

Tony definitely crossed the line for no damn reason. And i hope he pays for it. nonetheless I am expecting a good fight between Chuck and tony next week.
I don't agree with what Tony said. However I can understand where he's coming from. I hate the fact that every ones bashing him with out looking deeper into the issue.

Yes, he did say some thing wrong. But I mean if you grew up with no fing father got intoxicated and lived with another man who you know lost his kid, accepts pity charity from another fighter, and ain't all that respectful. Who wouldn't be hurt? I mean I believe the majority of people would be. Put your self in Tony's shoe for a second and think that you would have not acted the same way. He's experienced what its like not to have a father.

And I know I would have acted in similar fashion. Knowing that this man I live with could be with his kid but chose to be on a reality T.V show instead. And we really don't know all the facts. The fighters all know each other on a more personal level than we ever well. And from my re collation we were just notified about Charlies situation but I'm pretty sure he's gone in to more depth about it.

I don't justify what Tony did. However, I do understand why he did it. And that's all I'm really trying to point out. Cut the guy some slack he's a fatherless bastard himself.
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