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Tony was an ass and deserves the hate from the other guys imo. i have a couple friends who didnt grow up with a father and they dont go around being dicks about it. gtfo making an excuse for him. that sucks he didnt have his dad around but that doesnt give him an excuse to be a dick like that. possibly if his dad was around he could still be like that. if people are going to bash Charlie for being there when his kid is at home then the other guys there that have kids should as well. they are there for their kids to begin with. Charlie was pathetic in his fight i agree with that but hopefully what money he has made he does something with that for his kid just like i hope the others will. i kinda liked Tony but i dont anymore and hope Chuck whoops his ass.

as for Charlie we dont know the situation with his kid so im not going to make an opinion on that. i dont get why some are saying Charlie asked for that money from Chuck cause if people paid attention he didnt ask for that from Chuck. Chuck offered it to him and Charlie said i cant accept that. Chuck was saying no you are going to take it. Charlie even said to the camera that that was Chuck's money cause he won his fight and deserved it. we dont even know if Chuck really gave him that money unless it was revealed on the aftermath ep. i havent watched it so idk but Charlie didnt ask for that.

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