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I use to absolutly love GSP, but now i've had a complete 180, and i hate everything about him. he use to be a badass, now he's one of the most lame individuals in the ufc, all about control and being as defensive as possible, matt serra and greg jackson stole his fighter spirt. the fitch fight was the closest i've seen to the old gsp in a long time.

nick diaz is the exact opposite, all about fighter spirt, and being absolutly fearless, i'd love for him to beat some sense into gsp's face, and show him what a real fighter is about. maybe that would change gsp back into the old gsp i use to love. really hope this fight goes through. weather gsp loses or not, diaz will atleast make him fight and work for a win. there is no resting or feeling safe in a diaz fight no matter where the fight goes, pick ur poison mr. gsp.

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