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Originally Posted by oldfan View Post
There's nobody on that list with the balls to cut spending AND raise taxes.

There's nobody on that list smart enough to fix social security or strong willed enough to tell the American people that we will have to cut SS benefits AND pay back the Trillions we "borrowed" from it.

The best bet is teach your children Chinese.
Sad but true.

Originally Posted by BrutalKO View Post
...Huh? A political thread on an MMA forum? LOL! I'm all into Politics. I know the numbers, the deceptions and lies both Democrats & Republicans spew out. Politics these days are brutal. They have become downright nasty with serious mudslinging and deaththreats that has divided parties and a call to class warfare. Let's say this:

...The National Debt soars at 100 million dollars an hour. If Trump or Bill Gates had to foot the bill, they would be flat broke within a week.
...Gas prices will be the highest in U.S. history in a couple of months. 5 or 6 bucks a gallon. Food Prices are way up and unemployment just went back to 8.8% yesterday.
...We owe China 1 Trillion dollars of borrowed money.
...China will make over 300 Billion in profits off of us this year alone. They are manipulating their currency making the U.S. dollar even worth even less and taking much needed U.S. jobs.
...The U.S Government now has a negative credit rating.
...G.E. made 14 billion in profits last year and told the IRS to fly a kite and skipped out on a BILLION dollars in taxes.
...G.E. CEO Jeffery Immelt is the President's private sector business advisor. Can you say corruption with a capital C?
...Bros---You want a Politician to fix the economy? They are the blind leading the blind making things worse pointing fingers and blaming each other in gridlock at hard working American's expense.
I'll put it in Joe Rogan terms " We're out on feet right now and one more punch on the button will shut us off."
The bad news is endless...I'm stopping here.
Excellent points. Just for opinion sake, I would take Ron Paul over any candidate in this list. Especially if Ventura is his running mate. He is one of very few who want to actually audit the federal government. He also has some through back ideas to this country being for the people, not a select few of elitists. Unfortunately I am in the large minority and he will never win the nomination.

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