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Pretty much the shortest partner workout ever.

Padwork. That was it. Padwork.

Worked on keeping my boxing tight again. And relying on long rangy punches to hold together or to finish combinations less. I also noticed a silly flaw in my stand up I hadn't noticed after years. When I throw an uppercut, I like to follow it up with a straight cross. The problem is that I don't snap my body back to center after the uppercut so I FEEL off balance. I'm not off balance but it feels like I am, so I kind of enact that instinct to restart, which throws off the timing big time. I'll have to spend a few days working hard on the lead uppercut, cross combo to get that piece of body mechanics in step.

The combinations I worked, to the best of my memory were:
jab-cross-lead hook-rear hook
jab-jab-cross- lead uppercut-rear hook
jab-rear uppercut-lead hook-cross
jab-cross-lead uppercut-cross(kind of felt like it was becoming an overhand due to balance issue, but I felt comfortable with it so I may just treat it like an overhand)

Beyond the padwork, my partner and I played around with some squats but nothing serious.

Was supposed to workout with my partner again today, but last night helped a buddy move into his new third floor apartment. Who the f*ck lives on third floors anyway! And I may have pulled a muscle in my back, iced and tiger balmed, feels a bit better today. Suffice to say I canceled for fear of agitating it any further.

Hope to get another 3-5 partner sessions in this coming week but don't know how doable it'll all be.

Diet was fail HARD yesterday, but outside of that have been trying to keep calories, fats and carbs in a balance. I think I've mostly succeeded but can't seem to get the negative numbers I need to drop weight for the classic. Over time it'll happen (I suspect) but I want to drop into the weight class early so I can reaclimate to my limitations. I'd hate to be in the ring at the classic and realize I'm able to land a combination I didn't know I was able to do in training.

I need to add lifting to my regular routines, for the simple reason of more burned per week. I used to love lifting, but now I friggin hate it. I don't know what magic I lost, but I must go upon a quest to recapture it!

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