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Originally Posted by hixxy View Post
If the game is tied at 90 minutes then dudes will win his bet. The game on the other hand will go to extra time and penaltys if needed, there will be a winner, but this bet is based on the 90 minutes.

Killershark, 1/1 means whatever you put on you win plus your stake back. So if i was to put 1 million credits on at 1/1 i would win 1 million credits, plus my 1 million stake back.
stated as 1.00 does not imply that, a bet at 1.00 on sky bet would only get your stake back, 2/1 is what you are saying to double your money, 2.00 in decimal terms, and I bet all the time with Sky Bet looking at odds in decimal.

This match could go ether way, I would never bet on it tho, by doing so I would have to at least break one of my golden rules when betting on football.

Rule No.1: NEVER bet against Man Utd, ether bet on Utd to win or don't bet on them at all.

Rule No.2: NEVER bet against Barcelona, ether bet on Barca to win or don't bet on them at all.

From a Champions League final perspective, dam this worked out well for Fifa and at Wembley, guaranteed sell out and high as possible world wide viewing, they could of not hand picked 2 teams this season give them a bigger Champions League final. Not sure if some of you guys form the US full understand this but this game is the biggest Club Level draw right now in world football, its huge and I seriously mean HUGE.

In MMA terms this is Overeem vs Velasquez in the future sense after the best case scenario of Overeem winning the GP with 1st round KO's over all of his opponents and after Cain defending the title in dominant fashion with an impressive finish against JDS, even then, Overeem vs Velasquez would shiver in the shadow of this dream set up for the Champions League Final.

You have to be predicting record world viewings of this game, I don't know anyone who is going to miss this game, does not matter who you support if your a football fan then you have to watch this game, its the law if not then you don't like football.

From a skill level perspective the World Cup could never dream of putting on a show displaying this level of talent, both Utd and Barca are working on a level that no National Team could even begin to match, Spain won the World fairly easily last year simply because that is is 90% Barcelona, only this Barcelona team has Messi there No.1 star player and is as a result a significant about stronger than Spain who won the world cup, if given the chance Utd would smash any National side also only they don't have the consistent nationality basis within there side to put the majority of there players into one national team.

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