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Barao wins by UD:

Round 1 - A tough of gloves gets us started. Barao opens with a flurry, puts Escovedo against the cage, and slams him to the mat. Escovedo works butterfly guard as Barao looks to pass. The pace slows a bit before Barao works delivers some body punches. Barao tries an elbow and nearly gets caught in an armbar. Escovedo then stands when Barao backs away. On the restart, Escovedo circles the perimeter and delivers a body kick that's punches. Barao answers with a nice low-kick, punch combo. And then throws more punches to pin Escovedo against the cage. Escovedo pulls guard and falls to his back. Barao works punches to the body but his little room to work. Escovedo lands some nice elbows from his back. The pace slows as the country's quietest crowd sits quietly. The ref calls for a stand-up, and Escovedo lands a nice right hand before Barao again slams him to the mat. Barao lands some short punches and elbows, defends against an armbar attempt, and closes out the round in top position. scores it 10-9 for Barao.

Round 2 - Barao shoots early and gets tagged with a knee, but he keeps pushing forward and puts Escovedo on his back. Escovedo grabs an arm and looks for a submission, but Barao smothers him, then stands and calls for his opponent to do the same. Barao snaps off a nice inside leg kick and just misses with a head kick. Barao misses on a front kic, and Escovedo circles on the outside. Barao lands a nice low kick and then counters his opponent's with a straight right. Both fighters miss on punches, but Escovedo follows with a nice kick. Barao closes the distance and gets the drag-takedown. Barao delivers elbows from the top as Escovedo goes high with his guard. The pace slows, and the ref calls for a stand-up. Escovedo moves in and immediately is forced to retreat as Barao unloads hands. Escovedo clinches, reverses and puts his opponent against the cage. The fighters then jockey for position against the cage. Escovedo pulls guard again, and the fight hits the mat. The round ends with little more action. scores it 10-9 for Barao.

Round 3 - Barao is the aggressor early and partially connects on a quick flying knee. He wrestles Escovedo to the mat but nearly gets caught in a leg lock while getting back to his feet. Both fighters eventually are back standing. Escovedo circles the outside and lands the occasional shots, but he can't put together any sustained attacks without getting countered. Escovedo throws a low kick and gets tagged by a counter punch and then a nasty slap to the head. Escovedo takes the center but is backed up with punches. He then creates room with a head kick that misses. He continues working kicks, but Barao beats him to the punch. Escovedo, though, snaps off some body kicks and doesn't look fazed. He continues working low kicks but takes a spanning back kick to the chest and just avoids another flying knee. Escovedo checks kicks, but he's battered with a two-punch combo and then slammed to the mat. Escovedo was clearly dazed by the combo but gets recovery time while in the mat. Escovedo looks for an opening, but Barao is smother from the top. Escovedo then tags Barao with an upkick when his opponent stands and gets back to his feet The hands and feet fly, and Barao gets the better of it before scoring a late-fight takedown. Escovedo gets back up but is slammed again as the fight ends. scores it 10-9 for Barao in a clean sweep, but there's no doubting Escovedo's toughness.

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