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Boetsch takes it:

Round 1 - Grove paws the jab and eats a low kick. He fires off a right that Boetsch avoids. Boetsch shoots for a single and eventually trips Grove to the mat. Boetsch lands in half guard and pins Grove against the cage. But he eventually lets him back up due to the bad position. Boetsch rushes in and they clinch, and Boetsch pins him against the cage and dips to get the double-leg takedown. Boetsch works from side control and then half guard. Grove then pulls him into full guard. Boetsch works short punches to the ribs, but Grove pulls him tight and nearly secures the armbar. Boetsch stands over him and isn't going to coincide the dominant position before the ref allows Grove up. Boetsch clinches again, and the fighters trade knees to the legs. They remain tied up. Grove looks for a toss but doesn't have the angle. Boetsch pushes him into the cage and lans footstomps. Grove answers. Boetsch clings to him and closes our the round with a knee to his gut. scores it 10-9 for Boetsch.

Round 2 - Little action early as the fighters bounce. Boetsch ducks and lands a nice right before resetting. Grove pops a couple quick punches, but Boetsch quickly clinches again. Grove reverses against the cage, and the fighters dirty box. Boetsch lands a trip takedown that snaps Grove backward. Boetsch works from half guard and then moves into side mount and works short punches to the head. Grove has no answer for Boetsch's relentless attack. Grove gets to his knees and eats more punches but gets back to his feet. Boetsch, though, wraps a single leg and quickly takes him back down. Boetsch works from half guard and again moves into side control. Grove rolls to his knees. Boetsch isolates an arm. Grove gets back to his feet and eats a couple knees to the head as Boetsch pushes him back into the cage. Grove fights off a takedown that inevitably comes. Grove wraps him in full guard, looks for a triangle, but is tossed away by Boetsch, who lets the fight go back to standing. Grove throws a high kick that misses before the round ends. scores it 10-9 for Boetsch.

Round 3 - Boetsch quickly shoots for the single leg, and a kneeling Grove fends it off and keeps the fight upright. Boetsch pushes him into the cage. Grove reverses, but Boetsch scores a slick toss to take the fight to the mat and land in side control. Grove tries to get back up from the kneeling position, and Boetsch tags him with knees to the ribs. Grove finally gets back up, and Boetsch shoots again. Grove fends it off and resets. Boetsch shoots for a single leg and eventually wrestlers Grove to the mat. Grove nearly secures a triangle in the process, but the awkward angle doesn't allow it, and they're back up. Boetsch quickly wrestles Grove back to the mat, frees a leg and works short elbows. The pace slows with 80 seconds to go, and both look exhausted. Grove rolls to his knees and gets back up, but Boetsch clings to him. Grove gets his own single-leg takedown. Boetsch grabs his head and looks for a guillotine and waits out the round in top position with short punches. scores it 10-9 for Boetsch in a fairly one-sided fight. Tim Boetsch def. Kendall Grove via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27).

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