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Originally Posted by Rush
Uh that was 1999. Chuck is now a way better fighter and has not lost to submission since. Plus he rarely goes to the ground. Babalu is too small to get him on the ground.
I know it was 99 and I know Chuck is far more progressed since then. But if it counts as a sub then he has been submitted, however it was Referee Stoppage and not a tap out. So thats why I was asking if it counts as a sub or not, because people say he's never been submitted.

Now as for Renato being small, what does that mean? He's 1 inch shorter than Chuck but the same weight and has faught in a higher weight class than the 205 div in tha past and has more MMA fights/wins than Chuck. Therefore, I think he'll get Chuck to the ground. I think he wants it bad enough and I think he's training specifically for Chuck and his take down defense.

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