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Originally Posted by TheLyotoLegion View Post
People will complain because Rampage didn't get the knock out, that's their fault for assuming Hamill was a push over, the fact is he's not elite, but he's far from a bad fighter.

I enjoyed the event, not the best in the world but I did enjoy it, Alves losing sucked but it is what it is, worth the money in my opinion atleast.
That fight was sh1t, on one hand you had Quinton who if I was to say "is only half the fighter Rampage was" that would be a generous complement to the skills of Quinton Jackson.

On the other hand you had a a guy who I think would of struggled to beat up my sister, slwo was not the word, I watched UFC 92 today before the Champions League Final, you try watching Rashard vs Forest and then watch Hamil vs Rampage, to call Hamil or Quinton for that matter an elite fighter who belong in the same division as Rashard or and Forest would be like trying to claim that my local pub football team belongs in the same league as Barcelona, the difference in quality is just a fcuking joke.

I have said for ages the UFC LHW division aside from having an awesome champion in falling hard and has been for over a year, they need to rid that division of its crap and bring in the new, they have SF swop Hamil for King Mo, give Hamil someone like Roger Gracie and then see what happens, give King Mo someone like Quinton and see if he can stuff those TD's.

I bet Jones is really worried about the prospect of facing Quinton after that display.

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