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Originally Posted by TheLyotoLegion View Post
Don't really know what you're trying to say, I don't watch soccer first off, I'm not from England so I have no insight on the comparison.

I do know Rampage/Forrest was a close fight(which a lot of people actually thought Rampage won), I didn't say Hamill was an elite fighter, he's clearly not, but Hamill wasn't the push over people made him to be.

Hamill is a wrestler, he is going to shoot for takedowns, I don't know why people are upset, did you think he was going to stand with Rampage?

As for Rampage, he hasn't knocked anyone out in a while, he's slowed down, he's getting close to that age where fighters slow down, unless you're Chuck/Randy/Hendo. People still believe Rampage is a KO machine, he's not. Jones might just send him into a brutal retirement.

To me, it appears like you're on the anti-UFC wagon, I may be wrong but King Mo is hardly elite, Gracie has some amazing potential but I wouldn't bet on him over Jones, Rashad, Shogun, Rampage, Machida.
say what you will about King Mo, but he is arguably the best wrestler in MMA, and to top that off since losing the best he has been training over at the Golden Glory Gym in the Netherlands, so I am willing to bet when he makes his comeback you can add not only greatly improved striking ability to his skill set but a much improved strength and cardio ethic.

I Don't know about you but I can't wait to see the return of the what could be a much better well rounded and athletic King Mo, I think he would of smashed most if not all in the UFC LHW division before his journey of self improvement to the Netherlands, I dread to think of the potential monster that is coming back.

As for Gracie he would ride Hamil on the ground straight into a rear naked choke like he was a $10 whore.

Edit: For the record sorry for been off subject I thought I was posting in the official Quinton vs Hamill topic.

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