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Osawa by split decision:

Round 1
Moritaka Oshiro is our referee for this final tournament quarter final. Otsuka takes the center and walks Osawa into the corners, but Osawa fires back with head and body kicks as well as punches to keep the younger fighter at bay. Unfazed, Otsuka continues to walk him down, countering with punches where he sees openings. Otsuka's offensive output is much less than Osawa's however. Though he may be pushing Osawa into the corners, it's Osawa who is scoring with the punches and kicks to the body here. Otsuka drops levels for a takedown while he has Osawa in a corner, but Osawa pries him up and off into the clinch.

They disengage and Osawa is now working in jabs and rights to the body. Otsuka drops and drives, taking Osawa's back in the scramble against the ropes. Osawa is on all fours now, with Otsuka in riding time position, looking for ways to break Osawa's base down and put him on the mat. Osawa gets it back to the feet and gets back to circling and pot-shotting from the outside.

Otsuka lands a nice right hand, followed by a missed one-two into a takedown. Osawa momentarily gives up his back while getting it to the feet, but he's able to disengage and return to taking his shots from the outside. Osawa is still landing with great, solid hooks to the body on Otsuka. Otsuka eats two jabs before careening into Osawa for the clinch. Osawa lands a few punches to the body followed by some knees before spinning out of the clinch. Otsuka dives in for the clinch again and his head crashes into Osawa's right eye. He's given a moment to recover.

An Osawa one-two seems to buckle Otsuka's knees. Osawa's hesitation to finish sees Otsuka drive for a takedown. He doesn't get it, but he does put Osawa against the ropes. Osawa chucks Otsuka off and continues to mash him up with jabs and hooks to the body. Osawa is mixing in head and body kicks with his punches just before the round ends.

Otsuka appears to have a big mouse over his left eye.

Round 2
Osawa starts off the second period with stinging jabs. After landing them, he promptly dances out of the way and resets for more of them. Otsuka doesn't seem to have an answer for this. He throws a kick to the body that almost gets him tripped to the mat, followed by punches against the ropes that Osawa defends well against.

Osawa's jabs frustrate Otsuka into diving for the double. Osawa stuffs him. Otsuka opens up his arms, taunting Osawa to engage with him. Osawa mimes him, inviting him to stop the jab assault if he can. Otsuka then gets a takedown to put Osawa on his posterior. Otsuka takes Osawa's back for a moment but then gives it up to work from a mix between riding time and a headlock position.

Otsuka then tries for a back-mounted crucifix. Otsuka is unable to get anything to finish out the fight however as the bell rings soon after.

Official scores: The judges give the press a tense feeling for a moment as judge Samio Kimura sees it for Takafumi Otsuka. However, judges Masanori Ohashi and Kenichi Serizawa see it rightly for Osawa, giving him the split decision and his pass to the semifinals.

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