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Hansen wins by SD:

Round 1
Samio Kimura will be officiating this bout. Ishida darts in and targets Hansen's legs. Hansen tentatively fires back with his right jab. Ishida lands a knee-buckling left straight, but doesn't capitalize to finish. He closes in with more punches and lands in the clinch. He attempts to throw Hansen over his shoulder, but Hansen takes his back instead. Calmly and cooly, Ishida shucks Hansen over his shoulders and takes top in guard. Hansen throws right hooks from bottom to Ishida's ear. Hansen shrimps, likely looking for a sweep. Ishida places himself firmly back in his guard, preventing this however. Hansen goes for the rubber guard and gets his shin briefly under Ishida's chin, but Ishida frees himself. Kimura breaks them up.

Hansen misses a huge knee, but in the ensuing scramble as Ishida tries to escape, he gives up his back in the rear waistlock. Hansen picks Ishida up and suplexes him. Hansen then goes for the armbar and Ishida barely escapes. Hansen drops a few punches to Ishida's dome before then going for the triangle. Ishida squirms free and Hansen looks again for the triangle while punching Ishida's face from bottom. Ishida resituates himself in guard and lets off a nice salvo of punches and hammer fists. Hansen gets to his feet but gives up his back in the waist-lock. Ishida lands knees to the back of Hansen's legs before trying a suplex of his own. Hansen spins around and pancakes in response, preventing this.

Ishida drops for a single leg from behind and Hansen counters with an armbar attempt. Hansen can't get his outside leg over Ishida's face however. They disengage and get back to striking. Hansen misses a monster hook-uppercut. Ishida drives for a single and puts Hansen down against the ropes. They're repositioned by Kimura with one minute left on the clock. Ishida improves to half guard momentarily, but Hansen pulls him back into full guard and puts a few punches on the side of his head. Hansen stands up with Ishida stuck on his back in the rear wait-lock just before the bell.

Round 2
Both men trade head kicks. Hansen pushes forward with jabs, trying to close the distance for a brain splattering left straight. Ishida whips Hansen to the mat with a nice single rather than continuing to engage him in the standup. Ishida throws short punches at Hansen's head, but they're all blocked. Hansen stands up, giving up his back. Hansen breaks Ishida's grip, spins around and looks to be trying for a guillotine. Ishida pushes him into the corner and Kimura breaks them up.

Hansen gives chase to Ishida as he circles the ring, but when he lunges with punches, Ishida ducks under for the takedown. Hansen is put on his posterior momentarily, and again, he gives up his back as he gets to his feet. Kimura breaks them up again.

Ishida retreats again, forcing Hansen to chase and over commit on killshot punches. Again, Ishida ducks under and takes Hansen down against the ropes. Kimura repositions them in the final thirty seconds to the center of the ring. Hansen punches from bottom while Ishida punches from above. Hansen tries again for the rubber guard and transitions to the omoplata, but can't finish it before the bell.

Official scores:Judge Masanori Ohashi and Akira Shoji see it for Hansen, while judge Hikaru Adachi sees it for Ishida.

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